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Weld-O-Matic is committed to continuing to provide the finest quality products and services combined with a dedication to develop new and innovative solutions for all our customers' needs.

87 years of craftsmanship.

Started in 1931, Weld-O-Matic Machines Company Limited has been providing quality machines, parts and service to the resistance welding industry for over 85 years.

From the beginning, Weld-O-Matic has been committed to manufacturing all of the components in its resistance welders, including the water cooled transformers, by using the latest technology computer aided design (CAD) tools and CNC machining centres and lathes.

In 1979, Weld-O-Matic started designing, manufacturing, and rebuilding hydraulic cylinders.

Weld-O-Matic has been able to consistently manufacture a high quality cost effective product suited for every application. Our long history in the industry has also given us the experience and resources to service, rebuild, and provide parts for not only our own, but for all makes of resistance welders and hydraulic cylinders.