Model AF-3A


model AF-3A

Model AF-3A Welder

The model AF-3A is a heavy duty spot welder, with a simple rugged lower arm support. These rugged high speed machines are designed to make high quality welds on a continuous production basis. The AF-3A is fitted with 3" solid copper arms, drilled 90° at one end, 2 standard type water cooled electrode holders 1 1?" diameter with a number 2 Morse taper, 10" vertical adjustment of lower knee, heavy duty water cooled welding transformer, 8 point heat selector switch, 3 circuit water manifolds for input and output water cooling, 5" x 4" stroke double acting air cylinder, 4 way solenoid operated air valve, air line filter, pressure regulator, and a hydraulic jack for the lower knee.

KVA Capacity Voltage Single Phase Cycles
100 & 150 208, 220, 440 & 550 60


  • Cylinder speed control exhaust mufflers.

  • Filter, Regulator and Lubricator.

  • Shut off valve for tip dressing.

  • Single Stage Foot Switch.

  • Point opening easily adjusted.

  • Roller bearing pivot on rocker arm.

  • Universal copper arms drilled 90° and 30°.

  • Water cooled transformer for trouble free continuous production.

  • Water cooled electrode holders.

  • 8 position tap switch for precise transformer output.

  • 8 welding heats.


  • Solid State fully automatic, programmable Welding Control.

  • Adjustable Retractable Stroke.

  • Extra Large Tip Opening.

  • Lower Arm Support (over 24" throat).

  • Slope Control.

  • Pulsation timing.

  • Two Stage Foot Switch.

  • Special Electrode holders and tips.

  • Water chiller.